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Earth4Energy is definitely the best guide for making solar panels that I have tested. Why?

First of all, it is because the panels that I made using this guide looked the most professional, as well as they were the cheapest to build. Secondly, the time that I had to put into my work was the shortest in comparison to testing other guides. And lastly, the instructions used very simple language, and there were plenty of clear diagrams and illustrations. The process was very easy.

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If you have looked into the prices of solar panels or windmills from retailers, decided that they cost too much, and now want to build solar/wind powered systems on your own, I would say this is the DIY guide to go with.

The creators of the guide tested it on 43 people of both sexes who knew nothing about building panels. They gave them the guide for one month and then checked the results. All of the people tested created their own solar panels that generated electricity.

Earth4Energy has 6 parts:

1. Introduction
Solar basics, how solar power is generated, and what components are needed for a solar energy installation.

2. Building solar panels

I nstructions for building the panel casing, wiring all of the cells together, which tools to use, etc. It comes with detailed plans, color photographs and diagrams, and easy instructions. You can build this panel for under $100.

3. Help package with 4 resources
S olar calculator (shows how many panels and batteries you need to meet your needs), installation/mounting (fully illustrated guide for fixing the panels securely to your roof), solar rebates and tax credits (the forms to fill out in order to get governmental rebates), and electrical wiring plans for safe wiring of the panels.

4. Videos
V ideos help to better understand how things work, and that's why I personally prefer guides with good video material. The creators of this guide have recorded a great video about building solar panels (includes captions).

5. Making a wind turbine
I f you want a power backup, consider this section too. The parts of a wind turbine are cheap and easy to buy from a hardware store. Here you will learn about the components needed for building wind turbines, and using wind maps to determine how much power to expect in your area. It has plans, pictures and diagrams to build windmills for under $150 each.

6. Info videos
Seven videos with animations and screen captures explaining solar power (approximate runtime is 2 hours).

The guide also teaches you how to join your panels together in parallel to get more power or join them in series to get more voltage from your system.

The Earth4Energy comes as a PDF manual with QuickTime/Flash videos.

I am pleased with their after-sale email support. I decided to use this feature, and got a quick response with the answer to my question.

Earth4Energy is probably the most popular manual for homemade green energy. I think that it's better than any other product available now (probably because they put more time into it).

Click Here To Visit Earth4Energy's Step-By-Step Guide

Earth4Energy - Renewable Energy Solution

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