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Green Power Easy ReviewedReviewer: Mark Johnson
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Green Power Easy teaches building wind turbines and solar panels. The guide has a section dedicated to making the entire home energy-sufficient and independent. This guide is a tad longer than some other manuals, but it is also clearer than most other guides that I've tested. With this guide, I built an 800W solar panel in barely a few hours.

Green Power Easy is among the simplest guides to alternative energy systems that I've tested so far. When performing my tests, I noted that the instructions provided in the manual and the videos would be easy to understand even for non-technically-inclined people.

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Using this manual it's possible to build:

1. A 100W solar panel for around $125 (you can even build it two to three times cheaper if you purchase broken/cracked PV cells). Most of the parts for building this panel can be bought at a hardware store. A commercial solar panel of the same strength would cost around one thousand dollars.

2. A 450W wind turbine for about $100. All the parts for building this windmill can be bought at a hardware store. A commercial windmill of the same strength would cost a few thousand dollars.

This guide comes with illustrations and wiring diagrams (I found both to be clear and feasible). It helps you to determine your energy requirements, choose the solution that would be right for your situation, design the chosen solution, assemble everything and integrate it into your power system.

The main e-book has 10 chapters (140 pages) about alternative energy solutions, how to pick the right system for your home, designing and building PV panels and windmills, and a few different ways to hook your energy solution up to your home.

The “Implementation Guide” teaches how to determine your energy needs and use these calculations for designing an appropriate system, as well as how to determine your storage needs and use these calculations for building appropriate power storage.

The “Green Rebates Guide” elaborates on how to use the alternative power rebates offered by federal, state, province, and local governments (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, and some other countries) to save money on your system.

The “Parts Ordering Guide” teaches where to look for inexpensive parts, including solar cells, components for a wind powered generator, batteries for storage of the obtained electric, and so on.

The guide also includes two videos: tabbing PV cells to build panels (it's not complicated), including placing your tabbing wires, soldering them, etc., and examples of systems built by other people.

You can get more video materials if you upgrade to Green Power Easy TV membership. These are 60-90 minute video guides delivered monthly (building solar panels, building wind turbines, developing an alternative power business, etc.).

If you want to read more about this guide, get their free report about Green Power Easy, which also shows case studies and comes with two samples of their monthly video series.

The bottom line: after building a solar panel with the instructions from this guide I can say that it's easy to follow, and can be used even by those who are new to renewable energy.

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