Solar Panels For Home Use - Install Them Yourself

The Most Comprehensive DIY Solar Panel GuideSolar panels for home use can help many people save and even make money, similar to large solar power plants but on a smaller scale.

Equipping your home with a source of free renewable energy has multiple advantages in comparison to using conventional power sources, such as it will help you to reduce your utility costs, enable you to generate a surplus of energy, and to receive tax breaks.

If you can use basic tools and do basic wiring, you can build and install your own system. Here is what you will need to build your solar system: solar cells, plywood, copper wire, clear PVC sheets, and general tools (screwdrivers, drills, woodworking glue, etc.). As you can see, most of the tools and materials are easy to find in any hardware store (you might already have many of the tools at home), and the only aspect that will need special consideration is the solar cells (if you are a DIY mechanically-inclined homeowner, you can save money by making panels from individual cells, or by purchasing and fixing damaged solar panels for home use).

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In order to generate energy, solar modules need to face sunlight throughout most of the day. The more sunlight the panels absorb, the more power you get. The absorbed sunlight will be converted into a regular current through an inverter (a power converter that transforms DC current into regular AC home electric). The obtained electric can power your home appliances, while the power surplus will be transferred to the meter, which will start spinning backwards. Thus, you can even receive a credit on your bill from your utility company.

Note that in order to power your entire home with free solar energy; you need to create a very large system. Anyone who lives in a sunny area can provide their home with all the electric it needs, and even generate a surplus of power, if they create a system with many large solar panels. It is usually best to build a smaller system first, which you can easily add to in the future by wiring more solar panels in parallel.

The larger the system the more you will need to invest in it. However, there are ways to reduce your costs. Building and installing the system with your own two hands will help you to save on the costs of the ready-made solar panels for home use, as well as it will help you to eliminate the fees of professional installers. If you want to make the task easier for you, opt for ready-made solar panels for home use. Remember that larger panels need to be transported on a larger vehicle.

There are many kits and manuals that provide all the needed diagrams and teach how to build solar panels for home use using individual solar cells, how to find cheaper panels, how to assemble everything together, and how to install the panels on your roof, on the outdoor sides of your home, or on a standalone poll in your yard. Many DIY mechanically-inclined homeowners are already using solar power to reduce their electric bills and to help protect the environment.

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